We create branded, hyperlocal food delivery marketplaces for hotel, apartment, and office buildings that directly connect its occupants with neighborhood eateries. The local community.

Helping local restaurants build direct relationships with their neighborhood customers — not the 3rd party.

Our technology boosts local neighborhood economies by connecting residents, tenants and guests with local restaurants, benefitting all parties.

How it works


You receive orders from local hotel, apartment, and office buildings


You prepare the order


You deliver the food to the building next door – not more than a few blocks away, still fresh!

What you get

Increase sales, without additional expenses

New customers from our partner hotel, apartment, and office buildings

Get a free, complementary digital storefront for direct ordering

Full control over your brand and delivery experience – no more reliance on 3rd party apps

Zero commission and delivery fees

A new marketing channel – enhance your brand’s visibility in your community

Build and own direct customer relationships and data

Get repeat orders - delivery, dine in, and catering

How it works


We build a fully-branded, web-based marketplace for your building (hotel, apartment, office) in 1-3 days


We provide all marketing and instruction materials for you


Promote your new service around the building and earn from every order!

What you get

Add a new revenue stream (via commission split), without any additional overhead

Add a new, marketable amenity with a branded, state-of-the-art food delivery marketplace that you have control over

Enhance your resident’s, tenant’s, or guest’s experience by offering new convenience to their daily dining

Monetize food delivery driver foot traffic in your building

Improve your staff morale by helping them earn more

Food delivery tech that easily integrates into any system you already use

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